I have a confession to make…..

Dear readers,

I am extremely sorry to have kept this from you. But now that this guilt is slowly eating at me; I thought it was time to confess. When I have finally said this I know that my mind and heart will be clear and guilt-free. I have been very hesitant whether to say this or not but my Pinterest account gave this away. It’s about time that I share this story with you.

Besides the fact that I’m a hardcore Pinterest lover, my pleasures have often been satisfied by a nice cup of herbal scented tea. There I said it, I love tea, and I enjoy drinking various cups of tea a day. I love drinking it while it is raining, after eating a piece of sweet homemade apple pie – of which I’ve been enjoying too much lately – and even before going to bed. I can drink tea on every time of the day. I like green tea but also vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, lemon, liquorice and so on! These tea flavors currently capture my heart, body and taste buds. Here’s my top three

3. Sweet Honey banana – Cupcake tea ♥

I don’t really like the taste of this tea. For me to like tea it really has to taste the same way as it smells. What drew me to this tea was its package. It told a story, I liked the way it was written. My tea-o-holic instincts kicked in and made me buy it. The taste isn’t that disappointing but I’d expected at least a bit more honey and banana then it already has.

2. New York Chai – Urban tea garden
urban chai_
I am Surinamese and in our divers culture we like adding ginger to our dishes. We also have a drink called ginger beer. The hotter it is the better. If you slightly cough after taking a sip and the cook that made it notices this, they take it as a compliment. I am not saying that this tea comes close to the taste of ginger beer but you do taste the ginger in it. And as a proud Surinamese gal, I really like it. The other main ingredients are cardamom and cinnamon. I don’t like cardamom because I think it tastes too much like a flower (I used to taste flowers as a kid, come on everybody at least did that once in their life!). You don’t really taste the strong taste of cardamom because it’s ebbed a way by the cinnamon.

1. Ginger Lemon Peels – Dogadan


On my last trip to Turkey <3, I had gotten sick within four days (I stayed a week). I got ill because it was extremely hot and every night that I returned to my hotel room my AC was set at 10 degrees (so it was very cold). I had gotten a sore throat, a heavy cold and for a moment I thought I might die( but that’s how I always feel when I’m sick, even when it’s as stupid as a two-day flu). On the fifth day I went to sit in the lobby and managed to ask the waiter to bring me some hot water, grated ginger and squeezed lemon. At this point I was praying for the waiter to get it right because although I speak good English. The people over there don’t really speak English that well. Luckily I am good at learning new languages in a short period because this skill helped me to pronounce the Turkish word for ginger which is zencefil, water which is su and lemon which is limonlu better. As the waiter came with a ginger tea I was relieved. The taste of ginger in this tea was as fresh and intense as a ginger. You could really smell that it’s ginger too. After 5 minutes I quickly ordered another cup by another waitress but she didn’t take my order because she said that they didn’t make those kinds of teas at the hotel. I felt pretty disappointing and tried to remind the taste of that tea on my lips and the feel of it in my throat (this was a way for me to ease pain). After a few days I went to a local supermarket and saw a lot of tea packages which I haven’t see here in the Netherlands yet. My mind went crazy and for a minute I was considering to spend all my vacation money just on tea. At the end of the row there were 20 packages in my cart. I narrowed it down to 6 packages with the idea that I will find the other tea packages at the Turkish stores here in the Netherlands. One of these six tea packages was the ginger zencefil limonlu. This tea has the same taste as the one I drank at the hotel.

What is your favourite tea?

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