Interview: Siham El Messaoudi, Owner of Arrows Mindstyle

I had the pleasure to interview a very inspirational person, Siham El Messaoudi owner and blogger of Arrows Mindstyle. Siham is a mindstyle blogger. Haven’t heard of that yet? Stay tuned and read more.

What was your youth like? Where were you born?
I am born and raised here in Amsterdam. I have Moroccan parents, they were born in Morocco. I am also raised with Moroccan culture and language. I was a really dreamy child, I was always day dreaming and was always in another world. I loved animals, nature, and dancing. I was more of a very girly girl, I had long hair and was always wearing pink.

As you’ve seen I also write Hindi poems on my blog and one thing I’ve notice in the Indian culture which is also similar in the African and Moroccan as well is that most of the people their names have a meaning. With this knowledge I googled your name and it means Arrows.
Was that the reason you named your blog Arrows Mindstyle?
Yes, that’s exactly the reason. Usually people pronounce my name wrong and Arrows is a word that people can pronounce better than Siham (Sihem pronounced with a  soft ‘g’) so that’s why I chose to call my blog and company Arrows Mindstyle.
What is the meaning of Arrows Mindstyle for you and your blog?
Arrows is a mindstyle blog, so it’s about the way you think, the way you feel, the way you connect yourself with your feelings, the way you listen to yourself. Sometimes your feelings are trying to tell you something and you don’t know what it is  But if you listen even deeper you’ll find the answer. I try to inspire people to listen more carefully to their inner voice what it’s trying to tell them and how it’s trying to guide them to become the person they really want to be. That’s the center of my blog. I want to inspire people to listen to their feelings and to grow from within.
How long do you have your blog?
I started the Arrows Mindstyle blog in October 2013, but I’ve been blogging for over a year for other sites. I’ve been blogging for Inspiration Network ( where all kinds of people come together and blog about inspiring things and people. While I was blogging for the other sites I  was like: ‘why don’t I start blogging for myself?’ because then I can blog when I want and put it online when I want

I saw on your blog that you are doing a charity challenge. What’s that about?
I do a lot of charity work and I really enjoy it. For one month I’m doing extra charity work and focus mainly on that and blog about it. I want to make people aware of charity work because a lot of the times people are saying that they don’t have time. I want to tell them that it is possible to do charity work because some of them just take two hours and what’s two hours? Some people watch TV for two hours but in the meanwhile you can help old people or people with a handicap. Whatever you like!

Is it only for the experience or also for giving back to society?
Both, I think that you can learn a lot from people but you can also give something back to them. You share your knowledge with each other and that’s what I like to do. I like to meet people and talk to them learn from them and I hope they can learn from me also.

I’d like to think that certain factors in life are  just a part of us it’s not our whole life. Like when people say this is my life and without it I can’t live. So Arrows Mindstyle is also a part of your life but what’s the other part? What’s the part people don’t know (yet)?
I have different sides because I also like art, I go to museums a lot and I like to travel. I think the side that I show on my blog is more the side that likes to experience a lot and share that with people so that they can experience it too. By experiencing it, it makes people less afraid to do what they want to do.
Why do you have the need to share?
When I was younger I was really shy and I did not share a lot. I did not dare to talk to people but I really wanted too but I was too scared. I tried to break the wall between me and talking to people. I tried step by step and slowly but surely I overcame my shyness. I was proud of myself and was so happy with my new self.  My message to every shy person is : ‘Try to do things in little steps, you don’t have to take giant steps to become the person you want to be. Try small things and eventually you’ll get there.’

I read that you’ve studied psychology? Did you always wanted to study that? Or did life lead you to psychology?
At the moment I’m still studying psychology. My life lead me to it because I was always helping people I was a good listener and listened to my heart too. But then I decided to do other things. I went into the business financial world to make a career over there but I noticed that I was not happy there. I had to go back to what I really liked and loved to do, something I was really good at. So that is why I chose psychology. I was very long in the business world and I combined it with my company until December 2013. I didn’t run my company full-time because I didn’t get a lot of customers. So you need another job next to it to be able to live. But from January 2014 I will focused on my company and building it up.

But what is your company about? Is it only your blog?
No, I am also a counselor. I’m specialized in stress counseling for people with burn outs or with a lot of stress because a lot of people who work in big companies get stressed or burn outs eventually. I want  to help those people to prevent it because prevention is way better than cure.

Do you meditate?
Yes, I think that’s really important. I would like to teach people how to meditate. At first people think it’s very difficult or too spiritual but you don’t have to be religious or spiritual to meditate.

If you see a person lying scattered on the ground. You take a step closer and see and feel that persons pain? Would you ignore that person and walk further or would you help that person? if so how would you do that.
It depends on the situation, sometimes people tend to come to me. I am sitting in the bus and people start sharing their sorrows and pain. I’m listening and comforting them but if I see someone on the street looking scared I would definitely approach them and look if they are alright.
Would you approach that person as a potential client or just someone who needs help?
I don’t approach people as potential clients, that is too commercial. If you approach someone solely because they need help then you will be doing it from the heart.  

Who are your heroes and why?
That’s a difficult question because a lot of people inspire me. My parents inspire me because they took the challenge to come to Holland and create a future for them and for us. Also historical people like Leonardo da Vinci, he is amazing because he could paint and he knew so much about the human body *he was a genius*.

What is the most important thing for you in life?
To be happy, happy doesn’t mean being rich. Happiness means being happy with yourself. People try to be happy with someone else, but you first need to be happy with yourself because you can only count on yourself. 

Are you more of a spiritual person or a religious person?
I think I am a mixture of both

Word association game
Arrows mind style – Me
Volunteering workAbundance
Charity ChallengeHappiness
Life Challenging
Snow – I don’t like snow
Future – Bright
Friends(like) Family
Real candles or Led candlesReal candles
Incense I like it


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