Today I did it again. I stepped on another plastic wrapper. Being fully conscious about it yet I did it again. I can’t really remember when I used to pick them up and throw them in a dustbin. Was it when I was little and she used to bring me everywhere? And tell me that I should pick up any cookie wrapper and look if it still has some crumbs in it and eat them? We were poor yet I always thought I lived in a giant princess palace, it just looked different from other children palaces.
Mine was built out of crumbs of trees and millions and millions of unrecycled cookie wrappers, plastic bottles, aluminium cans and different coloured caps. My giant princess palace was just rocking. My mom was very creative she carefully burned all the 5 cm cookie wrapper and stuck them onto each other. She then made them look like a multi colored roof. She used this same technique and stuck the left overs of the tree together.

The different colored caps where my carpet, she dug each of them in the sand and made crazy patterns with them such as smileys, hearts, rainbows and stars. Even though I haven’t always had something to eat at night being in my multi colored giant princes palace filled my belly.

The End


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