Yes, I saw that gleam of light

What does one do in search of fresh new and chilly inspiration. Well, I honestly don’t know.
But picture this scene:
You’re in search of new, fresh inspiration.
You watch an object in detail just to notice something another person didn’t. And when you’ve come to realize that there are billions of other creative people in this world who have viewed the same object you just viewed, you sigh very heavily and very beat.
You ask yourself many questions. Why, how and where will you find this leap from nothing to something. You get tired and are on the edge of giving up. But yet you still have a ray of hope – we creative people always do – and you explore different grounds.

This was exactly the phase I went through (who knows maybe will go through again) it’s so frustrating but I always had that gleam of hope. I decided to make it less frustrating and broaden this gleam.
When I joined Pinterest I was such in awe of every picture, image or Illustration. My creative cells awoke and were swimming through my body again. It felt so relieving and I was creatively living again. But I couldn’t write posts and texts. Why, you ask?
Simple, If there are so many inspirational images coming at you from different categories and websites. Wouldn’t you be a bit flustered?

I tried to focus per category and viewed every sub-category and aspect of Pinterest. Then it hit me – at this moment I was an over enthousiastic Pinterest freak, yeah I own it fellow Pinterest buddies – I am going to write a short story. Instead of scribbling and puzzling about my characters. I am letting my readers (You guys) and followers visually experience them.

So, without further ado I present you two of my three characters:
Georgia, Isabella and Sophia.


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