The search never ends…

I’m looking for something new
something that fulfills me from within and outside
something that isn’t hard to find but not easy to spot

something that could define me
something that gives me something

Something that gives my creativity a new boost, a new beginning fulfilled with want, passion and positive aggression.
Something that excites me,
something that makes me smile for no reason.
Something that makes me look forward to every season. yeah, yeah even in the cold.
Something that makes me whole

hmm I got whole, desire, excited, (positive) aggression etc
I think I should concentrate solemnly on one thing now.
But yet there is a but. There always is a but.
I think I’m going to stop writing now peeps.

Adios, alvida, bye-bye, hasta pronto

see ya on the next post *wink*

Kinda selfish, am I not?
Only me, me, me


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