Update Birthday weirdness, exams and my friend ‘The Holy Ghost of Inspiration stopped blessing me’ 😢😣

Do you know what’s weird? The day before my birthday I felt 19. When it was 12 o clock at night I still felt that I was nineteen years old. But when I woke up I felt twenty. #weird
Are yeh kaisi ajeeb baat hai yaar.

Some people say that they have just become a day older and its just a normal day.
It is JUST a NORMAL DAYY. This is never the case at my birthday its never JUST a NORMAL DAY. When its my B-day I want a cake.
Are yaar cake to banta hi hai. Even if it’s just a small one that I can share with my family.
I stay up till twelve o clock to ‘broko a dey’*
When its my birthday I get soo happy that I could faint from happiness(luckily it never happened) #weird
Sometimes before my bday I worry a lot like I hope family has a wonderfull time. #not #so #weird
But an hour before they arrive, it’s like
“Areh yaar chinta ki koi sarurat nahi hai sab thik ho jayega”
And it’s true my family is so much fun. We laugh and share the most funniest stories. At the end of the day I’m like
” this is the best birthday ever and the gifts are like a sherry on top”

As you already read, yes I’m preparing for big time bad ass exams. Wait, wait
Don’t worry the marks I got until now are ” thik thak” “chalenge nahi daudhrenge yaar”
So I guess that is also why the Holy ghost of inspiration decided that we should have a break! I soo badly wanted to participate in poetry month of The daily post magar inspiration ki batti on hi nahin hoti. Kya yaar
Magar mein himmat nahi haarongi, mein himmat harnewale mein se nahin hoon.
So I’ve decided and ya’ll have to agree with me School first then the rest.
That’s why with deep sorrow in my heart. I’m not going to be able to post blogpost until maybe june or july.
But remember this isn’t goodbye huh.
I’ll be missing your likes and not posted comments. #not #so #weird

P.s if this post is a bit dramatic. Its because I’ve got the flu (/got a fever / a cold etc) and sadly to say I’m always dramatic when I’m sick.
Darn it I should be on stage right now.
No shareen it’s not only your husband. I guess these are the annoying side effects to getting a fever.

What made me laugh today:
Shareen A

Silencer did with his padham shloka

* It is a Surinamese custom to stay awake until 12pm(when the other day begins, your birthday in this case)and celebrate your birthday with wine or champagne and of course our traditional cakes:
bojo (with a soft J)
Eksie koekoe and many more…


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