Chasing on V-day continued

We arrived at a park. He let me through a little street. A street adorned with red Bougainville’s. There were trees with small sparkling lights in them. Lights that reminded me of christmas (my favourite holiday). At the end of this path I saw the most beautiful thing in the world. It felt like a dream. But thank god, it wasn’t and I was very lucky to experience this.
Everything was decorated even grass.
At the end of the narrow street there were mason jars chandeliers hanging with tea lights in them. Those mason jars made me curious, I wanted to find out where they were leading to. I tried looking for John but I didn’t see him anymore. That wimp I wonder if he’s still afraid of the dark, hmmpf. I could already picture him, in the dark, biting whatever is left of his nails.
But anyways, I began following the way those mason jars led me. When suddenly I saw a lake. Next to the lake there was a table. A table for two. You might think it’s a typical candlelight dinner but it wasn’t. It does come in the category though. this, was one I’ve never seen before. So simple yet chic. Beach pebbles formed as a big heart. On these stones there was a table with two rustic, vintage, sheesham wooden folding chairs. There was a creme tablecloth tied with a huge red ruffled bow. There were four mason jars in the middle of the table. Each unique in their own way. I could see letters but could not quite read them. At the end of the pebbled heart there was a coloured pebbled path that led to where I am standing now.

If I could have a closer look then I just might read what was written on those mason jars. I looked around me and saw nobody. Like a stealthy thief I walked very slowly. At this moment I was very aware of every sound around me.
Oh, hell who was I kidding this was a public place for patoodi’s sake. I could walk freely if I’d wanted. But I couldn’t, what if I was interrupting(or worse ruining) someone’s special evening! Despite these thoughts my curiosity got the better of me. Still very aware of every sound around me I continued walking further.I reached the table and stood still I enjoyed the cool breeze swishing in my face and drying all the sweat I’d got from running with John. Where was he though, he was supposed to tell me where Jason is….

Like a firefly you light up the dark
Like lanterns you light up the dark
I couldn’t find nor fireflies nor lanterns
So I got you mason jars

I heard a voice behind me say. It was Jason’s. There he was leaning on a tree with one leg over the other. He was simply looking fantastic dressed casually in chinos and a shirt.

I told you, you’d know when I’ll arrive” he said. And this time I knew.


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