Chasing on V-day

I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock. It was 7.45.
I felt my heart skip a beat, and then another one, and then another one
and when I was on the verge of losing something
I heard the doorbell.
I instantly knew that he had arrived. He never really told me the time. He only said that I would know. And I did, from the moment I opened the door I thought I knew. I thought I knew that it was him. Funny enough how anticipation can play a game on a person’s mind. Because It wasn’t him. Yeah people, it was just some guy with flowers in his hands asking for my Casanova cousin/neighbor.
Disappointingly and annoyingly I told him that it was next door that he had to be. I was so annoyed because me and my cousin have the same name and initials. It’s pretty galling to be alone on V-day but have your Casanova cousin’s date(who looks fine) ring at your door with flowers in his hands is …
Lost in my thoughts I closed the door and went to my living-room. I put on Radio New age music took a random book and began reading. Although I wasn’t reading just pretending to read. My heart beat had slowed down. But every time I heard a door slam I looked at the clock and peeked trough my side lite. Sigh, just another awkward moment. If I go through with this I will be known as the side lite V-day peeker. As I slightly turned to go back to my living room. I heard my doorbell ring, again. Darn, how many men is my Casanova cousin going to entertain today!?!
I opened my door, again. Looked up and saw another handsome, 6 ft 2 tall, well build man standing with his back at me.
“if you’re here for Chelsea Smith you’ve got wrong house. She lives next door.”, I said in a surprisingly exhausted voice. The man didn’t move. I wanted to reach for him to turn around when I noticed his moving hands and a bluetooth earplug. My hand was almost an inch from his shoulders when I felt something trilling in my pocket. I reached in to my pocket and pulled out my phone and I saw a missed call. “humph, I don’t know this number” I mumbled.


This gave me the chills. I decided to ignore this message. So I put my phone back in pocket. When I looked up I saw that the man was still standing. I quickly looked back to see if my pepper spray was near.

To be continued…..

Just kidding 🙂

I spotted it on a table next to the side lite. I reached for it without moving my feet. While doing that I saw the mans hand moving again. And yes, you guessed right. My phone was trilling in my pocket.

“oh, I know it’s you. You can stop pretending now. Turn around or I’ll…..”
Suddenly the man turned and began to laugh. The pepper spray fell to the ground and I gasped with my shaking hands to my mouth.
It can’t be, it just can’t be. Why?
Why today?… Why now? I was just on the edge
” I got you Cindy Smith. You’ve just been pranked on Valentines day.”

Like a villain who explains his story, he began walking in circles on my pavement.

“I knew, I knew. I knew that Jason* was coming here. And you and I both know how much I like a little drama.”
“Oh, I know alright but what YOU don’t know is that I’m gonna kick your ass if you don’t tell me where Jason is.” I said angrily
“Okay, will you let me finish my story, already! Come on humor me. Hmm”
I made a gesture so he could go on.

He bowed and continued his story. Gosh this dude is so dramatic.
“when Jason told me what he’d said. That you would know when he’ll arrive. I knew that I had to make this evening memorable. After all its valentines day.
I arranged for my boys to ring your doorbell. And also – he raised his index finger slightly above his gel spiked head – to slam their car doors:(.”
That too, gosh John was really good. But I never thought he was this tall.
“…..and when I thought that you’d get tired. I appeared at your doorstep. My plan was to show myself but I wasn’t really satisfied to yet spill the beans. So I put on this little charade”
“All right, nice story but will you speed up a bit, where is Jason?”
” I can’t tell you I’ll have to show you. Come on let’s race. For old times sake, hmm”
“where to, snail?” I snorted
“I guess you’ll have to let this snail win because I’m not going to tell you. Are you ready?”
I gave him a you-bet-I’m-ready look, I took my keys and locked my door.
He began to run. At first he was very slow but then he sped up. I was almost unable to catch up when he said that we’d arrived. We arrived at a park. He let me through a little street and I saw the most …….. thing in the world.

What did Cindy see?
Want to know?
Read the next post on 14th febr 2014.

Just kidding 🙂




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