Heyy you guys,

How are you?
I’ve had many creativity boosts.
You all know by know that I like to keep you updated about my art. So here is a new one. I have recently learned how to paint with silk. It was an exciting yet tiring experience. Exciting because there are so few videos on youtube and on the internet about silk painting. And I saw such amazing things, that I wanted to paint! 🙂
But if you dont have the right equipment than a very exciting experience can get tiring(really quick).
I didnt have a stretcher so I made one out of a wooden frame(a canvas wooden frame. I ripped off the canvas).
It looked like this



As you can see I stretched it with thumbtacks. Which wasn’t really wise because they have special pins for it, so that the silk doesn’t rip.
These are my finished results. Because it was my first time painting on silk. I really didn’t know what to paint because it was primarily just a try out. But seeing the end result now and reliving it again makes me very proud and very motivating to keep on doing it. Anyways, I Hope you like it <3.





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