Pouring brown water on the heart

Who says that only good things make you see what’s bad. Bad things make you see what’s good too.

Sometimes, when we’re in a certain phase in life. We don’t actually know where life is taking us. We are living but not enjoying life. We’re smiling but not laughing. or we are laughing but it doesn’t reach the eye. (Which is the mirror of the soul. Cliche, okay uhm more like the mirror of our feelings) You know what! It’s time for pouring brown water on the heart( or mind)*.

If you’re in such state, take some action. If you really think that this is all life has to offer(and you’re sick of it), go discover what’s more. And really, sometimes you don’t need money for it. Ya just need some time(some You-Time). And couldn’t we give ourselves our own time? I mean come on don’t we own ourselves that.

When I feel that I’m going  through such a situation I just paint, or sing my bhajans* or dance(like there is no tomorrow:), which is actually at home).

To be continued….. or maybe not
Yours sincerely,
*What’s pouring brown water on the heart? Well it’s kind of cleansing your mind, your thoughts and heart by some You-time. You could pour brown water on the heart by discovering the new you. Try to dream, by trying new things.
 *What’s a bhajan?  A bhajan is a hindu devotional hymn.
*Who/what inspired me by writing this? The Daily prompt.
*Which song was I listening to while writing this post? 
  1. Jag ja from Omkara (Bollywood movie)
  2. Tere Mere milan ki Raina from Abhimaan
  3. Yeh parda hata Do 

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