Chapter 2013 page 2 of 365

“Our life is like a book, today is  Chapter 2013 page 2 of 365”

written by an amazing everyday inspiring person

Almost all of last year’s wishes came true. And the secret to that was simply writing them on a piece of paper and hiding it. Then on new year’s eve I would search for it again and reread them. I’m telling you, most of them have come true.

This year I’ve been a bit late on writing and hiding  my new years wishes.  Since this is my second year blogging – and do I love it 🙂 – I’m writing them here for my lovely readers.

Marustan’s new year’s resolutions are:

  1. Inspiring all of you!
  2. Appreciating Marustan’s dear readers by posting at least one article per week
  3. Decorating Marustan’s with selfmade art pictures and Images
  4. Figuring out how I’m to add Pinterest on Marustan’s *thinking*
  5. Getting rid of my broken mouse( it’s irritating the hell out of me)

I guess there are many to come. In the meanwhile I’ll just be here posting away.

Ciao World,



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