“A sanctuary is a place you can escape to, to catch your breath and remember who you are”

As I’m just shortly in the Netherlands I have not found my sanctuary yet which is quite pity full, I think. My sanctuary was in Suriname. Ooh what a wonderful place it is there, just awesomely beautiful. And the best thing about it is, that it was just my backyard.

Yeahp my backyard.
It is like a conservatory( or greenhouse) connecting the backdoor with an outdoor kitchen. It’s made of wood and covered with zinc plate.
I would just sit, sing or dance there all alone for hours(1-2 hours) just listening to the birds chirping and singing their own song. Or I would listen to the monkeys swinging trough every tree. And if I was lucky I could see a few Brazilian parrots. Just thinking about it takes me to that place again.

This would happen mostly  in the afternoon when most people would be sleeping or doing something inside there house because it would be very hot then. And would almost be like a punishment to walk or play in that sun. Pfew, I would then lie in my hammock and  feel the cool breeze.

That is how my sanctuary was.

If you haven’t been in Suriname yet I would personally recommend you that it is an amazing country to visit. If you want I could do an article about Suriname. You just  have to leave a comment below. What is your sanctuary like? Love to hear your opinions

xx Marustan’s


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