Crea Crea Creativity

Creativity is blooming inside of me. This is no short note neither a long one, so hang in there you guys :).

Have you ever had the feeling that just looking at a certain object is like a light bulb inside of your head is switching on like, boom!!! You have an idea. I do sometimes when I see certain object or a thing. Like a picture or a person or a dress. or anything!!!! And it’s so amazing,  its such an overwhelming feeling. It’s like a child who finds candy and has that kind of mischievous smile on its face. yeah a bit creepy I know.

Okay, so I promised not to keep it really long. So I’m gonna wrap it up really quick. As you may have read a few of my posts by now, there is always an ini mini message or moral in it. And in this one, what I want to give away on this chilly Saturday night is that when you have a Creativity bomb bursting inside your head please do something with it. Don’t be like me who often doesn’t do nothing. And even if its stupid, once you begin the ideas keep on coming until your satisfied with the result.

So to end my post.

Have a creativity booming weekend

Catch you on the next post 🙂



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