Pink Ribbon


A made this artwork a year ago. This painting has the pink ribbon sign in the middle and the figure of a woman (her breasts and her belly) surrounding it.

I made this painting for a Breast Cancer Benefit I was co-organizing. At that time I wasn’t aware of the struggle women go through and the effect it has on them after surviving of breast cancer. After staying four years in the netherlands you get used to changes and national and social holidays and events. The breast cancer is one of them. I, at the moment, do not know what it is like to have breast cancer and if God blesses me I will never know. That doesn’t mean I can’t support people who have gone through it, who have lost people because of this disease. I have had many family members who had many other types of cancer and it is not nice. It is ugly and I hate it when they lose their battle against this disease. It’s not nice for the people who are there praying that you should stay alive and it’s in the end not nice for the person itself.   Yet everything happens for a reason and if they were meant to be where they are then so be it.

I am very proud of the people who won this battle, who supported people through this battle and people who lost people from this battle. In situations like this nobody is either a winner or a loser. Everybody wins in some way. It is really hard to understand this and its a lot harder to think about it when you are currently going through it. But it gets easier, no it doesn’t go away but it gets easier. This painting is my way of showing that I want to support these people. At the end we are all people and if you’re hurting( I may not know you) but I feel it.

This is not my latest but it is one you haven’t seen yet.


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