I’m tired, I’m sick and tired

Before I’m going to write my blog, I want to thank my followers for following me.

Thank you followers, hope you won’t regret following. Also thank you likers for liking my shayari.

I’m tired, I’m sick ‘n tired

Stress days are gone, exam days are also over. But there is one thing that is left. And that is irritating the hell out of me. Throughout the days that I’ve prepared myself for my exams(which I’ve passed btw) I’ve created such a mess in my room. And every time I was done with one subject I would just shove all my papers under my bed or somewhere in my room where I couldn’t see it.

Now that I’m done with my exams I’ve got a huge amount of papers, books, extra information copies sprawling around in my bedroom. I know y’all have had this situation almost a few times in your life. Or maybe a lot.
If your bedroom is really neat before, during, and after your exams. And nobody cleans your room* only you( so not your mom, a friend, or a servant). I respect you (like crazyy, fo real fo shizzle whizzle).

But I can’t hide from the fact I still need to clean my room. Or can I???

If you got solutions, please feel free to comment below. 🙂


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