Some people really Suck Part. 2

— Because by doing that you will be the same as them. You will use people for your goals too.

Bad thing!

I’m not saying that is a bad thing. Just ask yourself:

Am I the kind of person to do so? If it is hard for me to answer this question or I’m not able to face myself to answer it. Or I’m avoiding the answer. Because deep down inside I know that the answer is, no. Then there is no reason for me to do so, right?

Karma is bitch

The same way they treated you or me. They will be treated the same way. Via karma they will get some of their own medicine. No, I’m not a karma specialist I’m just writing from personal experience. It’s always been this way. So why waste your energy and time and feelings when karma does the work for you. I mean like come on.


But you need to forgive yourself first to forget the way the person treated you*. If you keep remembering this than karma won’t work . I’m also saying (actually writing) this from personal experience.

 *If this is hard for you can check my Abc Rule at Stress relieve. (Don’t worry, if your not in the mood to read everything. You can just click ctrl + F and search for 123)

xx Marustan


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