Hello Everybody,

Sometimes I sit and ask myself what makes me happy? Or am I happy now? Or will a new iPhone make me happy?

Now this maybe a very common question but it is a question that we ask ourselves quite often. Maybe we are trying to search for happiness. But let’s face it y’all, if you really truly want to be happy you don’t have to seek for it. It’s right here with us. Yet sometimes we don’t recognize it or we are not looking for it in the right places. Or maybe it’s just that we concentrate on other things so badly that we forget to be happy. And of course I understand we all have our daily tensions and work or school or relationships to maintain or paying the bills while being unemployed.

There are little things in life that just makes you happy. And I don’t want to preach or indoctrinate or manipulate you with words. But it has been proven and used for over thousands of centuries. There have been thousands of dialogues in movies, theatre plays about this one sentence. Which I actually forgot. Hahahahahaha but it’s really this simple just hahahahahahahaha and hihihihihi. And some people even laugh like hohohohohohohhoho like Santa Claus.
Okay I admit that’s pretty …… maybe and maybe not you never know. It’s what is making YOU happy that is the most important thing here.

This may seem as the most stupidest thing ever. It may seem normal and it is possible that you already know it but some people don’t. It really hurts me to realize that because it’s so close yet for some people it seems so so far away. Happiness comes from within, if you are happy with yourself then you’ll be happy everywhere. Within yourself is the first place (that’s your destination A) to seek happiness. From yourself you go to destination B. Destination B could be a person, a place or something/somewhere/someone else. I hope that people find the road to their Destination A. A road that leads to their happiness that comes from within.

What makes you happy? What are the things that put a smile on your face?

Everybody is welcome for comments opinions? Don’t feel shy to share.


This made me smile too. It’s badly funny (I don’t know if that even is a correct sentence)


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