Struggles of my angels

Struggles of my angels

My angels have begged God for my forgiveness. My angels have seen me plead for my soul to be washed from my sins. I’ve yet to live my life. Yet why don’t I see Gods love. Why do I give God the blame of my bad times when it’s me who’s to blame. Why by doing one reckless thing in your life, life gives you such a big punishment that’s difficult to bear. Yet I’ve fond in a very negative situation a tiny glowing hole of positivity. It was for me to decide, to make it bigger and hope for a larger hole. Or glueing that hole and staying in the darkness of negativity. I chose to make it larger. In the beginning it was hard. It wasn’t easy. But I kept on trying. Trying. Trying and trying. Days went by even weeks. After a couple of months I began to see the light. That little molecule of light that shone through that tiny hole.

That hole has now taken 75% of the negativity. But it wasn’t enough for me. And it still isn’t. It won’t be until i get my life back my passion to learn and my passion to give and get. But don’t worry I’m working I’m trying to make it bigger and bigger. I’m not going to stop until that hole becomes 99%. Maybe you’ll ask why not 100%. Because we all need little dots of negativity in life. Life cannot only survive on positivity. A bit of negative energy makes you strong. Just a little bit. Not much. A lot can nearly kill you or drive you into endless depression(or misery).

Thank you my Angels for supporting me and believing in me and giving me hope. And thank you God for forgiving me.


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