Yes, I know….

Aah, I can’t get enough of these pictures. This is so my mantra to stay motivated and in the mental run to graduate from high school.20120414-234548.jpg


You are sitting in that chair in the corner, looking at your view. It is six in the morning when you see the sunrise through the leaves of the trees. It is a bit cold but you don’t really care. After a few minutes you stand up and begin to water your plants and do your morning yoga.

Wait up! This would be a perfect morning. But what if your morning wouldn’t be that perfect. Then i’d sketch it like this.

You would wake up early, groggy and in a bad mood due to the constant snooze of your alarm. Everything felt just plain wrong. You head to your swimming pool area to start the day a bit more positive. On the way you grab a cup of scented tea and sniff it until you reach your chair in the corner. You sit and enjoy the sun. Since you ignored your alarm, you can’t complete the other morning activities. Yet you are still satisfied because You are in a space that you designed yourself, you earned it by studying and working hard. You worked hard enough to build this swimming pool area so that you can enjoy every moment of the day.


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