Some people really suck

Just a Sucky Part in My Life

How I hate life at the moment. And all the haters surrounding me.

Trying to act friendly when they don’t even mean it. Trying to talk to you when they don’t even want to. The part I hate the most is when you act along thinking they’re so sweet when they aren’t. Can you feel me in here? Have you ever met someone, a guy or a girl(or a shemale or a male she), who you thought was genuinely helpful to you when it was just show off? When it was just to use u as a pawn for their goal? Doesn’t it make you boil inside, doesn’t make you furious. Makes you feel like a side road and not the main road. Just a shortcut to use you to something else.

Well, it does the same to me. And I’m actually still trying to figure out what to do. But in the meanwhile, I’m not going to concentrate on plotting what to do next time. Because sometimes, there is no next time. And it really sucks when you get to know that.

To some level, I can understand those kinds of people. Don’t be all like WHAT??? Did you move to the other side?? Just read and relax. I can understand them because I have goals too and I want to reach them too. But not by using peeps. Because by doing that…..

To definitely be continued… 🙂

Read part 2 here


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