Stress relieve

Disclaimer: This post is inspired by the series of events that took place in this writers life.

It’s strange how life works. Some have an easy life while others struggle to survive. And they don’t even have to struggle for money. They can struggle with their emotions with the relations they have with the people around them. The person they’re the closest to, the person they trust their life with. Can just break them, ruin them. And that person does that only because they can’t deal with their own miseries. When the simplest formula is forgive and forget. You forgive that person and then yourself. And when you’ve done that you forget. It’s easy. Easy as 123.

Maybe you’ll say oh thats easy to say. Try standing in my place( feel my agony, feel my pain and then you can talk. Or you don’t even know what I’ve been through.) and I’ve tried that but it doesn’t work. Then you haven’t forgiven yourself completely to be able to forget.

But you know. We people we’re very stubborn. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to understand it. And sometimes it just takes a moment. One single moment


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